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Personal transformation can and does have global effects.
As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.
The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.
-- Marianne Williamson

The Guardians
Guardians are supernatural beings that 'rose from the earth' to 'help humanity in her time of need'. They have infiltrated most of the world government organizations. The majority of the populace is pretty clueless about the true nature of these creatures. They're certainly human in appearance, though there are some key differences. They are paler, with cold (almost clammy) skin and bright eyes. Conspiracy theorists call them either 'aliens' or 'demons'. The truth is known only by a select few... and the Guardians themselves. Guardian troops wear black uniforms of a lightweight but strong material.

The Immortal
In 2008, a cursed immortal named Hans Varner comes to New York city hoping to atone for his war crimes. He seeks a path to redemption - and rediscovers humanity in her darkest hour. In 2012, he calls in a group of his closest friends and reveals to them what he has learned- and what he feels must be done. The time for revolution is now.

The City
New York in 2012 is not a pretty place. The Guardians, a mysterious ancient race with super-human powers, are seeking absolute control over the governments of the world. Lurking just under the surface of their 'benevolent rule' is a dark agenda that can't be allowed to continue.

And You
Will you join the fight? Can you turn your back on humanity in its hour of need, or will you take up arms against her oppressors, no matter how great the cost...?

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