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Where: A McDonalds in Manhattan
When: Saturday afternoon
Who: Mark OT "The Illuminated"

Mark had been doing some serious networking over the past few weeks. Some might even have called him social. He was now working with at least two anti-Guardian groups -- and this second group had contacts that reached into other groups of like-minded individuals. As long as nobody turned out to be a plant by the Guardians or the government, things were running perfectly. Of course, Mark never could quite eliminate that paranoid fear in the back of his head, and so he made a point of randomizing meeting locations every now and then, just in case it might help. A diner, a Chinese restaurant, a fast food paradise, a coffeehouse, an all-you-can-eat (although that last tended to get them too much attention from the waitstaff, in the form of polite inquiries about whether they were ready to leave. Somehow, 'all you can eat' had lost most of its impact over the past twenty years.)

Right now, Mark had two orders of business to discuss -- one was the showmanship aspect of things. If they were going to try to get a message out to the world, it was going to have to be expertly planned and timed -- and it was going to have to be the best damned piece of guerilla broadcasting ever seen, rather than some grainy cave-footage.They really needed someone in the TV industry to help with that, but given that said industry was thoroughly saturated with Guardian and government propaganda agents, finding someone likely to be genuinely sympathetic to 'domestic terrorists', as the Illuminated would doubtless be called as soon as anyone cared enough to figure out they existed, was going to be a serious problem. As it was, their group needed a logo, and needed some idea of what to broadcast. The camcorder, at least, was already taken care of, and Mark was aware that there were people out there who had a story to tell the world.

The second, while related, was more in the realm of dangerous things, and as such was something Mark traditionally approached with extreme dread. Unfortunately, he knew perfectly well that at least some of the people in his group were more interested in acts of mayhem and sabotage than peaceful resistance and propaganda... and, truth be told, the Columbia riots had taught him that some stronger measures might be necessary, both to expose the truth and to make progress.

"So," he said, after the last person had settled with their food. "Two things. One is the gentle path, one is the hard path. Both need our attention. Which should we discuss first?"


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Mar. 23rd, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
"Um. Gentle?" suggested Becky, "Or the better one. They're both good."

She smiled at Mark for a second before inhaling her large fry order.
Mar. 23rd, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
"Fair enough. We'll start with the gentle." Mark - or 'Dave', as he preferred to call himself in this crowd - nodded. "We need a symbol - something that's ideally easy to make, and easy to distribute. The classic eye in the pyramid is one idea, considering our little group name, though it's been used by a lot of other people. But aside from having something simple enough to spraypaint on an overpass, we have to have something pretty enough to post elsewhere, to print, to distribute. So... we need artists, and logos. More than one, ideally. Who do we know who'd be interested in coming up with a picture that they can never take credit for without looking over their shoulder?"
Mar. 24th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
Navia drummed her fingernails on the tabletop, thinking this over. "I could talk to my grandson, he is quite talented." She said, "but his skill lies in landscapes, not advertising. If the group could pick a symbol, he could design it."
Mar. 24th, 2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
"Talent is talent," Mark said, with a wry smile. "So that brings up another question - does anyone have a particular symbol on their minds?"
Mar. 26th, 2009 06:46 am (UTC)
Gil had been listening, and sketching, while everyone else ate and talked. After scratching a few designs out, he settled on what looked very much like a stylized umbrella. Taken another way, it just might reassemble into a capital G, but for now, it was broken. He pushed the napkin across the table.

"Nobody thinks twice about an umbrella. Everyone has one, so people won't think twice if you're carrying one. Even one with a funky design on it, maybe. And, from above, you can't see anything but the umbrella when it's open. I've seen 'em used as rainshades and sunshades, so it doesn't even have to be raining. You could just want to keep the sun away."
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